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Useful and Efficient

A content management system - or CMS - allows a website to be updated quickly, easily and at no cost. Updating the written content on a web page should be as quick and easy as writing an email. And no one wants to get an invoice every time a website needs to be updated.

A CMS is the solution. Advanced Services utilizes industry leading CMS's Joomal and Wordpress to best manage any type of website content and functionality such as shopping carts, event calendars, photo or video galleries, slide show images, directory listings and much more.

More flexible than a Yoga instructor

Advanced Services has successfully worked with a wide range of clients in varied industries with diverse requirements. We can do the same for you by building in a CMS that is easy to use and meets your needs now and is scalable for your needs going forward.

You can for example start with a website that professionally showcases your business or organization with just information and photos and add additional functionality such as a video gallery, eCommerce, payment gateway, social networking and much more at any time. Features are customizable so we can meet your needs no mater what your requirements are.

Simple and User Friendly

No previous IT or computer experience is required to use a CMS. If you can send an e-mail, use Microsoft Word or set up a Facebook account, then you can use a CMS.

Furthermore, all Advanced Services clients receive an instruction session (no more than an hour is required) and an individualized instructional document to fully explain the CMS functionality. You will be using the powerful, efferent and easy to use functionality in minutes!

Why wait, call us now!